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“The Email Innovations Summit was the most helpful email marketing conference I have ever attended. And I’ve been in this business for almost 20 years." Chris Jenner Vice President Email Marketing, Caesars Entertainment

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Americas and Asia: Paul B. Gillis
Phone: +1 508 208 8264
[email protected]

Europe: Claudia Finlay
Phone: +49 172 8267364
[email protected]

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Adhyan Jain
Marketing Manager

Email: [email protected]

Get on board as a blog or media partner, share the latest news, earn visibility and complimentary tickets.

  • We deliver your target group
    • Senior Digital Marketing Professionals working for corporations, multinational enterprises, large brands and pure-play internet companies using sophisticated tools and technologies to email large customer groups.
    • Budget holders who look for and buy tools and services for email marketing and creating compelling content.
    • Influencers who use and determine the tools and services for email marketing and customer conversion.
  • We target your products and services
    • Online marketing agencies working with large and / or multinational enterprises and brands
    • Email marketing tool, service and platform providers
    • Customer data providers
    • Content providers
  • We offer
    • Bulls eye selection of your target audience
    • Standard and bespoke packages for lead generation, knowledge transfer and branding
    • Openness to new ideas for your appearance
    • Competitive pricing
    • Neutral and independent non-competitive event
  • We deliver
    • Networking app and lead generation tools to maximise your involvement
    • Ready-to-work stand
    • Help with suppliers
    • Professional and friendly operations staff constantly with you before, during and after the show
  • We love to
    • Help partners to reach their targets
    • Provide great networking opportunities
    • Cater excellent food and drinks
    • Build long term relationships
    • See customers coming back

Diamond Sponsor


MarigoldTM ’s approach to relationship marketing stands alone in a world of one-size-fits-all marketing technology companies. Our solutions are designed for your specific size, industry, and maturity, giving you the technology and expertise you need to grow the relationships that grow your business, from customer acquisition to engagement to loyalty. And, with a team of strategists that provide insights into what’s working, what’s not, and what’s changing in your industry, you can maximize ROI at every step. 

Great marketing isn’t just about conversion but genuine connection. Learn why 40,000 businesses worldwide trust Marigold as the foundation they need to help relationships take root.

Platinum Sponsors

Data Axle

Data Axle, formerly known as Infogroup, is a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions for enterprise, small business, nonprofit and political organizations. The company’s solutions enable clients to acquire and retain customers and enhance their user experiences through proprietary business and consumer data, artificial intelligence/machine learning models, innovative software applications and expert professional services. Data Axle’s cloud-based platform delivers data and data updates in real time via APIs, CRM integrations, SaaS, and managed services. Data Axle has 50+ years of experience helping organizations exceed their goals.

Design Pickle

Design Pickle is a subscription creative services platform that empowers brands to produce graphics at scale. Founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, Design Pickle was created to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable creative content to any business.


ENVERTAdigital is a premier digital consultancy that specializes in data and marketing technology.  ENVERTA focuses on transforming and optimizing marketing ecosystems, empowering businesses to strategize to achieve remarkable results, and enhance customer experiences. ENVERTA’s expertise encompasses marketing automation, technology consulting, campaign development and management, platform integration, ecosystem audits, and the execution of omnichannel marketing strategies. Driven by a passion for innovation and creativity, ENVERTA strives to cultivate unique interactions between brands and their customers, serving a wide range of clients across various industries around the globe, while developing scalable, flexible, and efficient solutions.  

Zeta Global

Zeta Global is best known as Customer Lifecycle Marketing Company with a strong data and analytics capacity. Zeta helps the world’s leading brands acquire, grow and keep customers. Its marketing platform, Zeta Hub, is a comprehensive, multichannel marketing solution that unifies and unlocks data, driving return on marketing investment. It has grown through organic business moves, fueled by heavy investment in technology, as well as strategic acquisitions. Zeta is the perfect solution for large enterprises, focused on measurable results in acquiring or retaining customers in consumer products, retail, financial services, or the transportation & hospitality industries. Its managed services options appeals to companies who use third parties for digital marketing execution. Zeta’s key differentiator is its aggressively data-driven approach to cross-channel, cross-device marketing optimization, enabled by its massive proprietary database, delivered with professional support.

Silver Sponsors


Acoustic, L.P. helps businesses close the digital experience gap by giving them a holistic view into the customer experience and enabling them to deliver personalized experiences based on consumer needs and preferences. The Acoustic portfolio of products helps businesses across industries to grow customer lifetime value with award-winning technology and unbeatable client success teams.  

Learn more about the Acoustic portfolio at


At Stirista, Identity is our Identity, and we have a simple mission: help marketers find new customers, and keep existing ones, while generating revenue with our identity-level data. As marketers ourselves, we know that one-size-fits-all solutions and decayed data don’t work, so we built our modular and real-time OMNA Identity Graph from the ground up to arm you with marketing data that actually works.
Named one of America’s fastest growing private companies, we empower clients by using precise audience data, and activating via email and online media. We are THE ONLY solution that can do all of that internally, which saves our partners time and money.

Bronze Sponsors


Backstroke is a generative content platform tailored for email marketing success. Our bleeding-edge software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and email performance data to instantly craft winning subject lines, preview text, SMS messages, and mobile push notifications. Backstroke enables marketers to finally deliver on the promise of 1:1 personalization at scale.

Inbox Monster

Inbox Monster is an inbox signals platform that helps enterprise brands land every send. With an elegant, modern interface and easy-to-action visuals we empower modern CRM teams.

Creative projects:

Our robust engine provides visual renderings for 70+ modern email clients, covering 99% of emails. Powerful link validation, dark mode views and collaboration features are built right in.

Email deliverability:

Get an incredible depth of intelligence on your program’s inboxing, so you make proactive, data-led decisions. From inbox placement results to comprehensive spamtrap and blocklist monitoring,

SMS signals:

Are your short messages making their way to the small screen? Monitor SMS deliverability across carriers located in the U.S. and Canada. Get delivery diagnostics, virtualized renderings and all-important link validation.

Oversight signals:

Is every policy you set out for your email program happening at this moment? Oversight mailstream tracking allows you to place beacons in your program, so you can be confident.


Intellivizz are a boutique marketing solutions company with a technology first approach. We provide tailor-made solutions to our clients to increase and optimize demand generation. We specialize in organic traffic, better conversions and scalable technology solutions which help accelerate growth.

With an integrated digital marketing approach, we have the ability to map and optimize the entire journey of your potential client from discovery to post transaction feedback followed by repeatable business opportunities. 


Customized AI flows for businesses. Harness the potential of AI with unparalleled simplicity. Use a drag-and-drop interface featuring dozens of common AI actions to create and customize your own AI flow. Choose from a vast selection of pre-defined templates, tailored to meet various business needs, available in our extensive collection.

Stripo Inc

Stripo – Online Email Template Builder empowering the creation of Interactive Emails that leverage engagement and boost newsletter campaign’s ROI by 400%.

We enable email marketers to keep up with the times: to build interactive elements, which double conversion, for emails right in the editor; to build AMP emails that allow recipients to add products to cart, proceed to checkout, chat and arrange appointments right in emails.

The vast majority of the Stripo’s features are meant to automate email production: personal content library for storing the most frequently used email elements; 300 sophisticated ready-to-use templates that serve as the base for future campaigns; banner generator for designing multi-layered banners.

With the embedded testing tool, preview your emails across a number of email clients and on multiple devices — over 70 common combinations.

Grow sales and engagement with Interactive and Dynamic AMP Emails fast


ZeroBounce is an award-winning email verification, deliverability, and email-finding platform helping 325,000+ customers achieve email success.Its 99% accurate email validation service removes obsolete and risky email addresses to help senders prevent bounces and maintain a good reputation. ZeroBounce’s email deliverability toolkit further supports companies in their quest to reach the inbox. Activity Data, one of ZeroBounce’s most popular features, offers subscriber activity insights, allowing marketers to target their most active audiences. Email Finder is ZeroBounce’s latest tool that provides professionals with valid business email addresses to enhance their email outreach efforts.ZeroBounce has validated 24+ billion emails and serves companies of all sizes, from solo business owners to Amazon, Disney, Netflix, and Sephora. The platform ensures military-grade security and is GDPR, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO-27001-certified, and HIPAA-compliant.For more information, visit

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