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500 Emails Later – Top Takeaways from 5 years of Email Iteration

Lainey Graham

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Over the past five years, Clemson University’s creative team has developed and delivered more than 500 emails in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. We began with a formulaic approach, sending batches of emails in a standard campaign through Mailchimp. Now, we use an agile creative approach and employ a mix of date-specific and action-initiated campaigns with emails designed in Beefree and sent through Slate. Our five takeaways from this process hit on cross-team collaboration, creative production, content strategy, our email tech stack and storytelling. The best thing is, they can be applied across industries.

Unlocking the Power of Email Newsletters

Paul Christmann

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Uncover the secrets behind impactful newsletters, from crafting compelling subject lines, to utilizing dynamic content for personalized user experiences, to using the insights from your readership’s interaction with newsletters to power other communications. This session will dive into several case studies to showcase how organizations enhance their communication strategies with personalized email newsletters to increase engagement, revenue and productivity. Whether you are already leveraging newsletters, or are interested in how to complement your existing communication strategy – in this session you can expect to learn new techniques to make better newsletters, and explore ways to measure how they are performing.

Subscription Model: Churn Detective in Action

Anna Levitin

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When a customer gives you lemons, use them to tailor communication with them. Reduce churn by connecting all the dots in the customer journey and mobilizing every team to boost product adoption.

How can practices for reducing churn in B2C be applied to the B2B model?

How can you build a reward loyalty program for B2B?

Join the session to get insights from Anna Levitin.

Session takeaways:

Visualization for a churn investigation board

A case study from Powtoon brand with over 40 million users

Creating a DIY churn prediction model

What Should Your Email Marketing Priorities Be?

Chad S. White

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In the world of email marketing, there are the shiny new things and the old reliable things, as well as just plain old things. Leveraging 5 years of survey data, Oracle Digital Experience Agency’s Chad S. White will explain which email marketing trends are rising stars and which are perpetual also-rans, and everything in between. He’ll share details on what’s driving and holding back the trends, and predict their long-term fates. By the end of the session, you’ll have a better sense of where you can wisely invest your time and energy to accomplish your email marketing goals.

Play & profit: Unlocking success with gamified emails

Dmytro Kudrenko

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Which would you choose to send: a standard promotional email with discounts or a fun, gamified email featuring the same deals?

Gamification in email marketing is a powerful tool that can triple your return on investment (ROI) while adding a touch of fun and relaxation for your customers, thereby nurturing long-term relationships.

In this session, the CEO of Stripo Dmytro Kudrenko will talk about the significant advantages of incorporating gamification, highlight successful strategies, and give examples of how it’s worked for others.

You will learn:

  • What is gamification, and how can it solve business problems
  • Technical aspects of creating interactive emails
  • Real-world examples of how it works for businesses
  • How to create gamified campaigns from scratch to real launch without technical knowledge

This session is a must for business owners, digital marketers, customer experience specialists, and entrepreneurs looking to leverage gamification in emails to increase sales, boost customer engagement, and build unforgettable brand experiences.

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Innovate Your Performance Testing, Boost Your Bottom Line

Jeanne Jennings

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Joe Torre said “Sex is like pizza. When it’s good it’s REALLY good. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

Email marketing performance is like pizza. The cost to send an email is so low that it’s not difficult to generate a positive return-on-investment (ROI). That’s good.

But what makes email marketing performance REALLY good is ongoing strategic testing. Testing drives double- and triple-digit gains in ROI, conversions, list growth and other key performance indicators for.

Best of all, the right testing approach builds on past gains, so at the end of the year you’ll see exponential growth in your bottom line.

Learn with examples, case studies and test results – and you’ll get the chance to apply what you learn in interactive, group and solo exercises during the workshop. Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Where to get inspiration for tests
  • How to develop an effective hypothesis to test
  • Keys to structuring a test to get clean results
  • Tips for maintaining an ongoing testing program
  • How to become an email testing rock star in your organization

Not only will you leave with the knowledge you need to implement testing with your own email program – you’ll be excited and inspired to do so. Join us!

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Mastering AI for Email Marketers

Jeanne Jennings & Tamara Gielen

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Join us for this fast-paced, hands-on workshop developed specifically to help email marketers harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase productivity and boost bottom-line results.

AI is the new bright, shiny thing in email marketer’s toolboxes. If you’re not using it, you should be. And if you are using it – are you using it as effectively as you could be? I’m not talking about basic ‘it’s-better-than-nothing’ campaigns; I’m talking about campaigns that leverage your knowledge and expertise about your audience and your product or service, and then go further, via a collaboration with the AI, to create ‘this-is-really-going-to-produce-results’ campaigns. All in less time than you’re currently spending.

In this comprehensive session you’ll actually use ChatGPT (bring access to your own paid version) to build the foundations of a marketing campaign for your organization. Through the individual hands-on exercises you’ll:

  1. Actually use AI, with expert guidance, to develop an email marketing campaign for your organization. This includes research, personas, feature-benefit-advantages analysis, unique selling propositions, key messages, message map with frequency and cadence, creative briefs, copy, proofreading, data analysis, reporting, and more
  2. How you can craft more effective prompts to get better results in less time
  3. What custom GPTs and other AI tools are out there – and which ones are recommended by email marketer power users
  4. Where you can find the knowledge you need to  continually boost your AI game
  5. And more!

You’ll need a paid ChatGPT account (it’s just $20) for the exercises – at the end of the workshop you’ll leave with the foundation of an email campaign for your organization.

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