Geoff Linton

10 Must Have Reports to get Your Email the Next Level - Measurement Lessons from Master Marketers


Tuesday June 18, 2019


10:30 am



Augustus I


Many C-suite executives are getting frustrated with marketing because they don’t have visibility into numbers and the perspective they need. Today’s email marketers need to get a different lens to start measuring what really matters.

Discover what reports Fortune 500 companies use to manage and optimize their email programs. See examples how real companies answer these key questions to measure their email programs:

  1. What business outcomes can email marketers really impact?
  2. What is the realistic size potential to grow email lists?
  3. What is the average campaign turnaround time? Are we getting more efficient?
  4. How well are campaigns performing?
  5. What is the best measure of creative effectiveness?
  6. What are the important customer measures?
  7. How do you measure longitudinal engagement?
  8. What is the best way to illustrate cost efficiencies & financial impact?
  9. & 10. What 2 other reports should be in every email dashboard?

Great measurement requires a holistic end-end view that unveils actionable insights. Geoff Linton will walk you through a number of real examples and visual charts & reports that dig deep into the true drivers of your email program.

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