AI-Powered Email Marketing: Case Studies, Results, and Collaborative Insights


Wednesday June 21, 2023


3:55 pm


Summerlin C


Get ready for an immersive and interactive session on the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in email marketing. Join industry experts Jeanne Jennings from Email Optimization Shop and Elizabeth Jacobi from Mochabear Marketing as they share their valuable experiences, case studies, and tangible results achieved through the implementation of AI in email marketing campaigns.
During this dynamic session, Jeanne and Elizabeth will dive deep into their real-world applications of AI, showcasing how it has impacted research, campaign brief creation, and email copywriting. They will walk you through practical examples and demonstrate the potential benefits of leveraging AI to optimize your email marketing efforts.
But that’s not all! This session goes beyond the typical presentation format. Jeanne and Elizabeth will actively engage the audience, fostering an open discussion and collaboration. They will encourage attendees to share their own experiences using AI, ask burning questions, and collectively crowdsource answers. This interactive approach will enable you to tap into the collective wisdom of fellow email industry professionals and gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives.
Key session highlights include:
Case Studies and Success Stories: Discover real-world examples of how AI has been successfully implemented in email marketing campaigns. Explore the strategies, tactics, and tools used.
Measurable Impact: Learn how AI has impacted key performance metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and customer engagement. Gain a deeper understanding of how AI-powered email marketing can drive tangible business growth.
Collaborative Discussion: Engage in an open and inclusive conversation with Jeanne, Elizabeth, and fellow attendees. Share your own experiences, challenges, and ideas related to AI in email marketing. Benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of the audience.
Crowdsourced Solutions: Experience the power of collaborative problem-solving as Jeanne and Elizabeth facilitate a brainstorming session. Together, we’ll explore innovative approaches, uncover best practices, and crowdsource answers to common challenges faced in AI-driven email marketing.
Whether you’re a seasoned email marketer or new to the world of AI, this interactive session offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, share your insights, and collectively shape the future of AI in email marketing. Don’t miss this chance to join Jeanne Jennings, Elizabeth Jacobi, and an engaged community of professionals in an exciting and collaborative exploration of AI-powered email marketing.
(And yes, this session title and description was written by ChatGPT – but then edited by Jeanne and Elizabeth)

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