Looking under the hood of Annotations... without yet knowing how it will drive.


Thursday June 17, 2021


10:25 am


When first revealed, Annotations raised a lot of questions, and there were very few answers. What is needed to get into the top bundle? When does my image show up? Who sees my image? How will this work with my ESP? Does the Annotation image create a lift? What about this new catalog cards?

There are still many unknowns (not the least of which is when or whether Annotations will reach Gmail Desktop. . . ). And yet, we do know a lot! We can begin to assess the usefulness of Annotations, and its implications on the future of the Inbox.

Join us to discuss the data, results of early A/B Image tests, how to ensure you are using the tool correctly and lessons we have learned about how Annotations behave in the wild.

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