Metrics Are Great, Analytics Are Even Better


Wednesday June 3, 2020


12:25 pm


Operational metrics, like opens and clicks, help marketers assess the performance of one-off and on-going campaigns. But by their very nature, metrics look at past performance. Worst of all, they provide minimal insight into what actually drove performance. In this session, Loren will present the latest email marketing benchmark data as a foundation, but then share and suggest two ways to take your numbers game to the next level.

First, through a metrics framework email marketers can use to design their metrics needs and reporting for each internal audience type. He’ll also share a set of new types of metrics that go measure email’s impact well beyond the inbox. Secondly, Loren will share his call to arms urging email marketers to increase their focus on the use of analytics. Analytics, not metrics, can be used to uncover performance anomalies and struggles, enabling marketers to understand why email content and campaigns either under- or over-perform. 

Attendees will take away from this session:

  • The latest email marketing benchmarks
  • An email marketing metrics framework
  • A list of potential new metrics to consider tracking emails impact beyond the inbox
  • Several analytics use cases that can drive significant program insights and performance improvement

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