Stop Innovating; Start Selling. Make your email copy better by understanding what it’s supposed to do in the first place.


Thursday June 17, 2021


10:55 am


“Making poor decisions in the name of so-called innovation isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Emails that actually sell as they should.”

Admittedly, reworking the line famously read by Justin Timberlake (while portraying Sean Parker in The Social Network) takes most of the venom out of it. Unfortunately, some ‘innovations’ in email marketing seem to have taken the venom out of email itself. By getting back to basics – by studying basic sales and marketing fundamentals, by understanding how they apply to modern methods of advertising and messaging, and by writing messages that people are actually interested in reading – you can level up your email marketing program by doing what everyone else isn’t: creating emails that stand on their own.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • why – even though, yes, of course, we now have computers – marketing and advertising hasn’t changed that much from the Early 20th Century;
  • the reason whatever it is that you’re offering needs to have some value in it on its own, with or without the help of copy or email design;
  • a quick and painless way of telling – within three seconds – if the copy you’ve written is at all persuasive (Note: Identifying whether or not your email copy is persuasive won’t be painless – editing your email copy to become more persuasive might be significantly more painful);
  • and why the best copy doesn’t make you stop and shout “WOW, that’s great copy!” 

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