The Upcoming Collision of ESPs and CDPs


Tuesday June 2, 2020


1:10 pm


The latest technology to emerge as “must have” in the martech landscape are Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Yet a look at the features and functions of the leading CDPs shows a very large overlap with those provided already by enterprise ESPs. Marketers with enterprise ESPs today are soon going to face decisions regarding what their tech stacks are going to look like. Do they really need to consider a CDP? Can a CDP co-exist with their existing ESP? Are they going to be paying twice for the same functionality in two different platforms? Should they be trading down to a more basic ESP in combination with a CDP? Or, at the end of the day, are these simply two different names for the same type of platform? Email marketers are either going to be leading these decisions at their companies, or they are going to have them made for them.

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