AI Vendor Showcase: The Latest in AI Technology to Supercharge Your Email Marketing


Thursday June 6, 2024


10:55 am


Camelback A+B


ChatGPT exploded on the scene in early 2023 – and the AI Landscape exploded shortly thereafter, with old and new companies touting new AI solutions. Join us for this fast-paced session to get a feel for the tools that are out there and available to you. Each vendor will be 5 minutes – on a stopwatch – to introduce their AI solution. You’ll want to take notes and seek out those of interest after the session. 

  1. Russ Perry, DesignPickle: Leveraging AI to 10x Design ROI – Let DesignPickle show you how brands are winning by leveraging generative AI with the help of human designers to increase output, improve creativity, streamline their process, and let’s be real, get more revenue out of each and every design.
  2. R. J. Taylor, Backstroke: Join Backstroke, the first AI-native generative content platform for email, SMS, and mobile push, for a brief company and platform overview. Learn how Backstroke leverages a unique dataset from 10,000 brands paired with proprietary data science to consistently produce 12-63% more revenue per send. We will also reveal real customer examples illustrating in detail how our platform has transformed email marketing strategies and significantly boosted customer revenue. All of which will roll into our optional roundtable discussion for additional data, stories, and details. 
  3. Nakul Mehra, Intellivizz: Intellivizz will be showing you their Ai + NFC Phygital Solution ‘’ to help businesses gather data, automate marketing & get more reviews. Come to experience how this Ai driven Marketing Automation & Reputation Management platform can help accelerate local business. 
  4. Guy Nagar, Kuverto: Kuverto is an AI Automation solution that leverage the latest technologies, large language models, to streamline, enhance and automate email marketing.
  5. Dmytro Kudrenko, Stripo: He’ll show how uses AI to make email campaigns that match your brand and follow coding rules. Learn how to easily create and send these emails with just a few clicks. Dmytro will demonstrate how to make effective and good-looking emails quickly, making your marketing work better and easier.

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